Longwood Translational IMG_5369Medicine China Initiative (LTMCI) creates an educational and training platform for Chinese physicians and scholars, enabling them to navigate competently within the American academic medical community.  With an integrated approach, LTMCI builds collaborations with universities, hospitals, and individual physician scientists in both US and China.  It is in the forefront of efforts to foster innovative conversations to discover new ways that the health care systems of China and the West can benefit from one another’s practices. 

LTMCI is operated by a team of Harvard physicians and scientists; it’s programs are enhanced and supported by leaders and pioneers in various clinical, research and translational medicine disciplines from Harvard Medical School, its affiliated hospitals and institutions.

IMG_5395Since its inception, LTMCI has been successful in addressing its mission. We have trained young Chinese physicians and scientists in the techniques of Western medicine; we have made an impact on their research skills and clinical practice techniques; we have been recognized by hospitals and institutions both in the US and China for our role in providing this training. In addition, we expanded our direct activities to sites in China, to promote career development for our alumni and to provide a platform for other young Chinese physician/scientists to move toward their academic goals.

LTMCI has presented more than 100 sessions of bi-weekly courses and monthly workshops. More than 1,000 individuals from over 240 hospitals and universities in China have attended the training courses.

Now, We are seeking to expand our outreach by building a more systematic education and training platform, collaborating IMG_5524more extensively with universities and hospitals in China and in the US, establishing more centers in various parts of China, and tapping into more resources within the Harvard system, encouraging more people to join our efforts and share their individual enthusiasm and expertise.