LTMCI Clinical Workshop 5.6

Prevention and Handling of Medical adverse events and medical disputes in the US Speakers: Dongdong Yao, MD; Mary Kennedy; John Reardon Reporters: Feifei Qi, Yongjian Zhou, Yonghui Nie Translator: Zhongxiao Wang Background: Medical adverse events and medical disputes are problems every physician hates to suffer, but often have to face. Currently, the imperfect Chinese Laws[…]

LTMCI Clinical Workshop 5.2

Enhancing Surgery Quality by Efficient Use Resources in Big Data Era Translator: Zhongxiao Wang On October 20th, we were honored to have a seminar of effectively using data to enhance surgical quality in big data era by 3 well-known professors: the Vice-Chair professor of surgery, Dr. Richard Whyte, at Beth Israel Deaconess and Medical Center[…]