The Medical Revolution for Patients: Bedside Ultrasound

Reporter: Waijiao Cai

Translator: Lu Chen

In the last two decades, new technologies, especially the smart mobile technology has largely changed people’s life style. In the medical field, the application of bedside ultrasound is going to bring a revolution. Dr. Noble mentioned that, bedside ultrasound has greater advantages compared with more convenient, no radiation, recyclable and cheaper X-Ray, CT scan and MRI, which makes it suitable to be widely promoted. The main applications of bedside ultrasound are: image acquiring, image analysis and how to integrate image into the treatments of patients. The uses of bedside ultrasound are not restricted by locations: they can be used in places where have limited medical resources, such as in the urban and countryside areas.

Dr. Noble proposed several cases, including emergency, gynecology, pediatrics and geriatrics, from acute to chronic and from indisposition to serious illnesses to explain vividly about the applications of bedside ultrasound. After the required training, the clinicians can use bedside ultrasound in the process of treatments. Dr. Noble encouraged all the clinicians to actively use bedside ultrasound in clinical practice. The audience was enthusiastic to inquire more about the training requirements for clinicians on bedside ultrasound, national policy and hospital support. We thanked Dr. Noble for sharing this amazing class with us; let’s get together on 29th October, Thursday in Longwood class again!

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