Translational Medicine Course

In the Translational Medicine Course, we help students explore the framework of the US healthcare system, the foundation of translational research, and optimizing the communication between basic and clinical science. Our speakers also share the stories about their career paths, present how they worked toward their goals and combined disciplines, resources, and techniques to promote enhancements in prevention, diagnosis, and therapies.

This course consists of lectures that are offered every two weeks on Thursday evenings for two hours. It is open and interactive. One of the focuses is the platform of TM, such as the differences between the framework of China and US healthcare systems. For example, we introduced the primary system, the supporting system as well as the residence training of US healthcare system to our audience. These systems ensure that proven strategies for disease treatment and prevention are actually implemented within the community. Lacking of well-trained physician scientists is one of the main reasons of the slow progress of TM in China. To address this problem, we designed a big part of the course in fundamental skills of TM research as well as the social network building in multi-disciplinary collaboration to train our visiting physicians. For example, Dr. Shirley Liu and Dr. Jiping Wang offer the lectures in critical reading, writing and publishing scientific literature. Dr. Wang also offers a series of biostatistics classes in clinical studies. Social network plays an important part in TM. Differing from the fundamental skills, which serve as a hard core in research, network building is more like a soft power. Our classes not only arouse the realization of the importance of network building in visiting physicians, but also teach them the skills to discover potential friends and expand social cycle in academic area.

LTMCI Translational Medicine Courses

Date Topic Speaker
06/22/2017Writing and Publishing of Scientific ManuscriptShirley Liu, Ph.D
06/01/2017Career path: from a student to Harvard full professorShirley Liu, Ph.D
05/04/2017Integrative Mediation Analysis of Genetic and Genomic DataXihong Lin, Ph.D.
04/06/2017Family Proteins and 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in Stem Cells, Development and CancerYujiang Shi, Ph.D.
03/02/2017Systems Epidemiology Approach To Understanding Nutrition And Obesity and DiabetesFrank Hu, M.D., Ph.D.
01/05/2017Genomic Challenges in Cancer ImmunologyShirley Liu, Ph.D
12/01/2016Precision Oncology: From mouse models to human therapy Jean Zhao, Ph.D
11/03/2016The climbJiping Wang, M.D, Ph.D
10/06/2016Publishing in A Peer Review JournalEdward Campion, M.D
9/08/20166th Semester Opening Shirley Liu, Jiping Wang, Ping Dang and the team
6/23/2016Now and the future trends of translational medicineJiping Wang, M.D, Ph.D
Phosphorylation of PD-1 in Tumor-infiltraing lymphocytesXia Bu, M.D, Ph.D
How to Get Precision in Cancer Medicine?Shirley Liu, Ph.D
Introducing to clinical research in teaching hospitals in the USJiping Wang, M.D, Ph.D
4/21/2016Patient safety and quality controlSunil Eappen, M.D
Simulation as a Critical Component of Patient SafetyCharles Pozner, Ph.D
Tapping into the immune system for potential therapeutic applicationsHao Wu, M.D, Ph.D
Biostatistics, what do physician must know about? (2)Jiping Wang, M.D, Ph.D
2/18/2016Biostatistics, what do physician must know about? (1)Jiping Wang, M.D, Ph.D
1/28/2016Critical Reading of clinical research literatureJiping Wang, M.D, Ph.D
1/14/2016Career path: from a student to Harvard full professorShirley Liu, Ph.D
12/17/2015Writing and Publishing of Scientific ManuscriptShirley Liu, Ph.D
12/3/2015Navigating life in the Academic Arena in USA- Experience From Harvard Medical SchoolLi-Li Hsiao, M.D, Ph.D
11/05/2015What do computational biologists really do? Shirley Liu, Ph.D
10/15/2015Why point of care ultrasound by clinicians has the potential to revolutionize medicine world wideVicki E. Noble, M.D
10/1/2015Who is gonna train the trainers and howJiping Wang, M.D, Ph.D
9/17/2015Clinical practice in the USDongdong Yao, M.D, Ph.D
9/3/20155th Semester Opening CeremonyDr. Liu, Dr. Wang, &
LTMCI team