LTMCI Clinical Workshop 5.3

Collection and Organization of Clinical Research Data


Translator: Zhongxiao Wang

How do we collect and organize massive clinical data? I believe this is a problem concerned by most clinicians. On November 17th, Longwooscreen-shot-2016-02-18-at-12-5d clinical seminar was honored to have an experienced clinical research professor, Dr. Jiping Wang from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), to introduce the scientific method of collecting and analyzing clinical data.

At first, Dr. Wang explained how to effectively combine clinic and research by asking a question “why do we need to do clinical research?” He summarized the secret of publishing clinical research paper into 7 aspects: significance, simple, study design, statistical analysis,reporting, editing, and submitting target. Dr. Wang focused on the first 4 aspects, especially emphasized the importance of study design. Later on, Dr. Wang systematically introduced the concept of “data”, the key points of collecting data, and the basic principles of buildup a database. He also used an example of collecting biological samples (tumor samples) in the clinic to demonstrate his theory.

Dr. Wang hoped to help clinicians improve the ability of collecting and managing the clinical data, and this seminar was just a start. Clinical pathologist, Dr. Gang He and Dr. Peter C. Hou from BWH also attended the seminar, and discussed the most interesting questions with the students.