Our Supporters

We appreciate deeply those individuals and corporations who have recognized the importance of our work and have supported us in so many ways.   The following list presents the names of individuals and corporations who have made significant financial donations; We also respect those who have supported LTMCI, but wish to be anonymous.

Given the expansion of programs offered by LTMCI, including new programs  in China, we must expand our income. Increased funding will enable us to:

  • Support more young physician/scientists in their career development;
  • Interact in more ways with the Chinese health care system to create advances that will benefit all;
  • Develop ongoing collaborations between the Chinese and US health care systems;
  • Encourage innovations in translational medicine which will facilitate the use of bench research in clinical settings.

Over the next 12 months, we hope to raise at least $100,000 so that we can expand our offerings in these ways. We appreciate any and all contributions that will assist us in reaching this ambitious goal.  Please contact us if you have any questions about our work. We will be happy to share details of our programs and our plans with you.

Our Donors:

       Greater than $50,000:

     Greater than $10,000:


Tianjin Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, also called Tianjin Nankai Hospital, is an international leader in the field of integration of Chinese medicine and Western medicine (ITCWM) in clinical practice, and has been the site of pioneering breakthroughs that have improved lives around China and the world.


Yuanyi Investment was founded by Mr. Yichi Zhang. Mr. Zhang was once as the general manager of equity investment department in ChinaAMC, the largest fund managing company in China. Mr. Zhang had been managing ChinaAMC advantage Growth Fund ( 20 billion ) and showed great performance, therefore he was ranked Five Stars and Taurus Fund Manager by professional ranking institutions. Mr. Zhang founded Yuance Investment who manage the assets of 10 billion yuan now in 2009 and founded Yuanyi investment in 2015.

Yuanyi focused on early projects in the global life science and medical industry M&A business. An excellent team and international perspective is Yuanyi’s advantage, and Yuanyi owned successful experiences in life science investment. In 2016, Yuanyi set up a biomedical angel investment fund as a partner with the China’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

     Greater than $2,000: