2016-17 Course & Academic Activity List

Longwood Translational Medicine China Initiative (LTMCI) creates an educational and training platform for young Chinese physicians and scientists, enabling them to navigate competently within the American academic medical community.  With an integrated approach, LTMCI builds collaborations with universities, hospitals, and individual physician scientists in both US and China.  It is in the forefront of efforts to foster innovative conversations to discover new ways that the health care systems of China and the West can benefit from one another’s practices.

LTMCI is operated by a team of Harvard physicians and scientists; it’s programs are enhanced and supported by leaders and pioneers in various clinical, research and translational medicine disciplines from Harvard Medical School, its affiliated hospitals and institutions.

Since its inception, more than 1,500 visiting physicians and scholars from all over the China have benefited from our more than 150 lectures. The LTMCI Courses & academic activities include those held in the longwood area, detailed in LTMCI.USA of this website, those held in China could be find in LTMCI.China, and the ones held through our social media, such as WeChat discussion. LTMCI.USA includes Translational Medicine Courses, Clinical Workshop, Research Collaboration Workshop, and US-China Dialogue. We are still making our efforts to get LTMCI better. Your feedback is appreciated.

9/8/2016ALLLTMCI Faculty & Students6th Semester Opening
9/22/2016Research WorkshopSangyu Hong, PhD;Wuqiang Fan, MDMetabolic diseases and drug development
10/6/2016Translational MedicineDr. CampionPublishing in A Peer Review Journal
10/11/2016US-China DialogueXiangrong Song, PhD; , PhD; Zhonglin Zhao, PhDResearch and Development of New Drugs
10/15/2016LTMCI Fall Foliage TripLTMCI Faculty & Students
10/27/2016Clinical WorkshopPhysician GroupMultidisciplinary Care -from primary care
11/3/2016Translational MedicineDr. Jiping WangThe climb
11/9/2016US-China DialogueJian Chen, MD, PhD;Haining Shi, PhDIntestinal microecological imbalance
11/17/2016Research WorkshopDr. Zhongcong XieHow to become a physician scientist?
12/1/2016Translational MedicineDr. Jean ZhaoPrecision Oncology: From mouse models to human therapy
12/15/2016Clinical WorkshopPhysician GroupMultidisciplinary Care -from clinical errors
1/5/2017Translational MedicineDr. Shirley LiuGenomic Challenges in Cancer Immunology
1/19/2017Research WorkshopShirley Liu, PhD;Li-Li Hsiao, MD, PhDHow to survive in prestigious academic institution?
2/16/2017Clinical WorkshopDr. Jiping Wang & Clinic GroupThe Differences in Clinical Practice between the US and China (1)
2/18/2017LTMCI-China (Beijing)Dr. Ruiping XiaoStudy on the Transformation Medicine from Discovering Disease-related MG53 Protein
2/28/2017US-China DialogueDr. Waijiao Cai & Dr. Xiqun ChenParkinson’s Disease-related Animal Models and their Clinical Transformation
3/2/2017Translational MedicineDr. Frank HuSystems Epidemiology Approach To Understanding Nutrition And Obesity and Diabetes
3/15/2017WeChat Discussion (G4)Dr. Minghui PangDiscussion on A Case of Liver Metastasis of Rectal Cancer
3/16/2017Research WorkshopDr. Wenyi WeiNew Insights into Protein Hydroxylation and Its Important Role in Human Diseases
3/28/2017US-China DialogueDr. Yan Sun & Dr. Yiping ShenThe Influence of Genome Technology on Medical Practice
4/2/2017WeChat Discussion (G5)Dr. Jun Shen & Dr. Yu AnClinical Practice of Genomic Techonology
4/6/2017Translational MedicineDr. Yujiang (Geno) ShiFamily Proteins and 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in Stem Cells, Development and Cancer
4/10/2017WeChat Discussion (G1)Dr. Jing Fan, Dr. Jun Qian & Dr. Jianhua HuangNon-linear Characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Related research Methods
4/16/2017LTMCI-China (Shanghai)Dr. Jiping Wang & Dr. JianFei ZhaoHow to Do High-quality and Meaningful Clinical Trials
4/20/2017Clinical WorkshopDr. Jiping Wang & Clinic GroupIntroduction of the Continuing Education of Clinical Medicine in Harvard Medical School (2)
4/24/2017US-China DialogueDr. Deren Wang & Dr. Ming DingAnalysis and Application of High Quality System / Meta
4/26/2017LTMCI-China (Beijing)Dr. JianFei ZhaoHow to Publish Papers with High Impact Factor
5/4/2017Translational MedicineDr. Xihong LinIntegrative Mediation Analysis of Genetic and Genomic Data
5/18/2017Research WorkshopDr. Xiuning LeClinical Trial
5/30/2017US-China DialogueDr. Zhixiao LiBuilding Database
6/1/2017Clinical WorkshopDr. Jiping Wang & Clinic GroupThe Differences in Clinical Practice between the US and China (3)
6/15/2017Translational MedicineDr. Shirley LiuCareer Path: from A Student to Harvard Full Professor
6/25/2017LTMCI-China (Beijing)TBDTBD
6/29/2017Translational MedicineDr. Shirley LiuWriting and Publishing of Scientific Manuscript