I was deeply moved by Dr. Shirley (Xiaole) Liu, the young professor from Harvard University. As a worldwide expert with numerous outstanding papers in computational biology and top research teams in both China and Harvard, she is surprisingly friendly when you have a conversation with her. I have to show the highest respect to her hearty modesty. I get to know the real science and work ethics in Harvard after her talk of science. I also figure out what kind of people are leading the scientific trends on this world with restless passion in these old and royal buildings.

It’s great opportunity. Thanks very much for this program and our two dear professors. It is the first time for me to get so close to international frontiers and know the truth outside the textbook. I truly hope the LTMCI will proceed further and further to be a sound “Horn” of China.

To the organizers of the LTMCI, you’ve done a great job. IMG_5243I hardly saw any organization that lasts for such a long time in China. Everyone may propose a beautiful vision when they set up. However, they usually gave up if they failed to see effects. Here I have to say that it’s a long-term work, which may not show any influence in a couple of weeks. But it will eventually. Thus, I hope you guys keep doing such a nice job with confidence and passion as you did.

Wang gave a sharp talk by keeping asking questions after a clinical case. IMG_5267If the clinicians there answer in an obscure way, he just hit the point. Some of the Chinese clinicians were also aggressive and argued back bluntly to make their points clear. It was not like a training course but a debate some time. Maybe the persistence is what makes great academia. I also realized that the conflict between Prof. Wang and Chinese clinician is exactly the one between Chinese and American cultures as well as logics. Wenyu, thanks very much for what you did for all our Chinese clinicians. It is a nice but tough job.  I personally benefited a lot from LTMCI that greatly broadened my knowledge and networking.

IMG_4783That’s my first time to attend Prof. Wang’s lecture. So fruitful. I can clearly feel that he was trying assiduously to guide us with life philosophy when he talked about being honest prior to being successful, critical thinking,systemic learning, and success lies in the details. I saw quite a few articles about difference between Chinese and American education on medicine and pharmacy. However, I barely saw a successful person like Prof. Wang who knows the whole process in American medical education, who is willing to share the differences, and who shoulders the responsibility to China.

IMG_5099The lectures from Prof. Liu are very friendly buy comprehensive. What impresses me is that she can always make complicated things simple, vivid and practical based on her experience. Thus, I could find a lot in common from her lecture. Prof. Wang’s lectures are very special and inspiring to make us actively think. He understands the current condition of clinical research in China and outlines it in his lecture. So it’s a very precious opportunity for me in the beginning of my career path.