US – China Dialogue

In the summer of 2016, we offered the first session of a new kind of program. The purpose of the “Dialogue” was to create a platform for young Chinese physician/scientists to present their own research, to receive feedback regarding their work from their American peers and to establish communication networks in specific areas of interest. An important characteristic of this “salon” is that the format is two-directional; the speaker and the ‘peers’ engage in active give-and-take throughout the presentation. As China is developing at a very rapid pace in research and clinical development, more and more Chinese experts are at the forefront of academic disciplines; our visiting physicians and scholars at LTMCI represent this group of leaders. Therefore, this program not only benefits our students in their own areas but it also shows the current status of Chinese clinical and scientific research to the Western participants in our programs. This may create interest in — and opportunities for — collaboration between health care systems.

Date Topic Speaker & Moderator
5/30/2017Building databaseZhixiao Li, MD, PhD;
4/24/2017Analysis and Application of High Quality System / MetaDeren Wang, MD, PhD;
Ming Ding, PhD
3/28/2017The Influence of Genome Technology on Medical PracticeYan Sun, MD, PhD;
Yiping Shen, PhD
02/28/2017Guide basic science research from clinical point of viewWaijiao Cai, MD, PhD;
Xiqun Chen, MD
01/31/2017Get to know what is clinical trial; Develop standardized clinical trial in ChinaPuwei Yuan, MD, PhD;
Chenchen Wang, MD, PhD
11/22/2016Translational Research of viral hepatitisMingquan Chen, MD, PhD;
Valerie Ming Lin, MD
11/09/2016Intestinal microecological imbalanceJian Chen, MD, PhD;
Haining Shi, PhD
10/11/2016Research and Development of New DrugsXiangrong Song, PhD; , PhD;
Zhonglin Zhao, PhD
08/09/2016Biosensor: Clinical application and transformationXuan Mu, PhD;
Ning Hu, PhD
07/26/2016RBD and it's impact in neurodegenerative diseasesSuqing Zhan, MD, PhD;
Chunni Guo, MD, PhD